bushy tailed

bushy mcbusherton tails the rest of the nations in the race to save a world that is swiftly headed towards implosion. way back in 1997, before justin timberlake had facial hair, the kyoto protocol was drafted. the kyoto protocol was a collective and conscious effort among countries across the globe to reduce emissions of CO2 and other harmful gases. the plan is to reach a % reduction goal by 2008-2012. so over the years a bunch of developed and developing countries have been committing to this treaty, with a few exceptions...namely the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...one of the leading industrialized countries that is by no means energy conservative, and bush has flatly refused year after year to partake in the strongest political effort to preserve what's left of our rapidly deteriorating environment.

so now it's 2007, and justin timberlake has a full chin beard. weather patterns are as erratic as ever; record heat, cold nights, drizzling, along with wildfires, tornados, and hurricanes that seem to sprout up in unlikely places. almost all on a weekly basis. folks we are now feeling the earth's preliminary warnings of a full-fledged retaliation on the mistreatment it has received from the human race. and now bushy mcbusherton decides finally to jump on the green band wagon and hold meetings about the urgency of curbing global emissions. what's annoying is that he thinks that this is his brand new unprecedented idea. does he not recall saying sayonara kyoto protocol? what an idiot.

i love how he introduces this plan with strong focus conveniently RIGHT AFTER he did his "oh yah by the way*cough*we're going to*cough*war again *coughcoughcough*".

whatever batman forever.


it's So Super Sam, Sr.'s birthday today! happy birthday daddy! we're going to dinner in a bit, so stay tuned for another restaurant review.

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Christank said...

bush is a fackin idiot. really though.

happy birthday daddy samie! i love restaurants!