it has become pretty apparent to me, from looking at my itunes, my address book, and the latest issue of complex magazine, that there are a lot of james' and john's who can rock my world. but who comes out on top? team james or team john?

TEAM JAMES contenders:

1. JAMES BROWN. this is the man. the godfather of soul. the hardest working man in showbusiness. james brown ain't nuthing to uff with you know what i'm saying. anyway i love this guy, he's always been in heavy rotation in my head. and the way he has shaped modern music with his influence makes him team james' heavyweight.
2. JAMES MORRISON. my modern day sweetheart. i love his album, it's like a breath of fresh, minty air. his songs are refreshing to me because they have a little twist of irony and vacillation within their context. which is an honest depiction of human mental limbo. who really always knows dead on how they feel, and has only one emotion at a time. most of our emotional states are a potpouri of many feelings, and he definitely captures that. my favorites are "you give me something", "wonderful world", "the pieces don't fit anymore", "the last goodbye"...um basically the whole album. check that shit out.
3. JAMES FRANCO. this is a hot guy. you know when it's so super smoldering hot outside, you can fry an egg on the hood of a car? this is called "james franco hot". you know it's unquestionably hot when it's james franco hot. and he goes to ucla. he initially attended ucla after high school, but dropped out to pursue acting. what's noble about him is that he went back and is pursuing an english degree. i know this because i read a lovely little article about him in complex magazine. so we can appreciate his acting on screen, and probably find this sexy reading/writing machine at the westwood borders on his offscreen time.

hmm...TEAM JAMES is pretty fierce, let's take a look at their competition

TEAM JOHN competitors:

1. JOHN LEGEND. responsible for carrying soul into the mainstream market, so that little pop n' boppers get a taste of what real music and real musicianship is. i've seen this guy twice in concert and his live performance is as impeccable as studio-refined sound. also the man can dress, and doesn't perspire in his leather jacket under stage lighting nearly as much as average peoople.
2. JOHN MAGIC. my favorite. he's like the nicest, most genuine guy you'll ever meet. he is remarkably talented as a dj, touring all over the nation. he has a golden voice too, so he's like the best radio personality in fresno. AND he likes to wear shirts with 9's all over. hi, my favorite number. but magic's like that one stuffed animal that you had as a little kid and you can never outgrow it. he wins you over, you just want to give him a hug, and be a loyal friend to him cuz you know he'll be a loyal friend to you.
3. JOHN IBAY. this guy is the LOML. like the satisfaction you get when you bake a batch of homemade cookies, and you just sit in front of the oven door waiting for them to be ready...and that big smile you get on your face once the cookies are ready...that's john ibay. he is like my closest friend in LA ever since i moved back, and i could not have asked for a better person to tipsily step into my life. not a lot of people have the patience to try to understand me, but he does, and he understands me well.

YOWZA!! this is a good match-up!

but who takes the proverbial cake?!?!?!?!!?

well TEAM STEVIE of course!!! stevie wonder is the shit upon shit! on a scale of 1 to 10, he's the man.

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ibay said...

what an EPIC battle this is!!!

On one hand you have uber Famous dudes and on the other are like totally cool dudes!

I think the uber famous john's shoulda won out! I mean come on..john legend..who else can get away w/ a song that starts HOLLA HOLLA HOLLLAAAAAAAA. That shoots you straight to the top of the awesome chart! John Magic ..hes like the best kept secret in radio and he does MAGIC!!!!! Who else does both!?!?! Then theres John Ibay..like seriously...who can make better horse noises w/ uranus? Um no one!

Easy pick if you ask me...but nobody asked me so yeah haha

<3 loml