1025 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291

5 out of 5 hearts.

the fams went to primitivo for papa's birthday. sometimes we stick to certain restaurants for special occasions, and save the experimenting for spicing up all the average days in between. but in this case we took a risk and tried this place on for size. and much to my satisfaction, primitivo exceeded all of my expectations. i can safely say that this is my new favorite place to go.

we sat in the heated patio which is nestled among a garden that resembles a backyard deck. so the atmosphere of the place was really chill and cozy. the service was really friendly (and hot too, holllerrr!)... but most importantly the food was heavenly. the menu is a mix of meditteranean dishes and they are all served as tapas. i like that cuz i get to try a little bit of everything. also i ordered a bomb ass sangria DAMNNNNN! here's pics of my favorites at primitivo:

tuna tar-tar. hi i heart you tuna tar tar.


chocolate pecan tart with caramel ice cream

sangria makes my mouth wataaaahhhh

yay happy birthday to daddy! here's dad with his birthday presents, a pair of kicks and a jerry west jersey...


Amanda Lee said...

i love daddy!!!!!! thanks for giving him my present for me. i'll $$$ you back later.

HeeRuL said...

the paella looks like it has maggots.

i think they make turkey and broccoli hot pockets!

I'll have to confirm.

Christank said...

i loooooooooooove tuna tar tar. and paella is so good too. you need to go to the coast of spain and try the paella there. OMG. and also while you're at the coast of spain (marbella to be exact), there's this sushi place that has a roll with tuna tar tar in it and more tuna on top. oh hell yes. my mouth is watering, literally.

i love the west jersey! great idea!