Update U

partna let me Update U.

. i just caught up on 3 weeks (74 pages) of popsugar.

. my CHI flatiron died after 3 years. what a sad sad time. thank goodness my mom has one too. but i don't think she wants to share with me, because she told me to get a new one. so i'm shopping around for one. i heard sedu is a good brand. so maybe sedu?

. i bought a cruiser bike last week! Weehooo! it's black, and has a basket and fenders and a decal that says "urban". i wish i had an urbanfx sticker, so i could add the "fx" part to it. i've been riding it around town, and it just feels so healthy, and i truly feel like i'm helping the environment. i'm totally saving gas money too.
for example, i've been riding my bike to the gym. it's 2.63 miles to the gym, so that's 5.26 miles roundtrip. and lets say i'm not a lazy heffer and i make 4 trips to the gym per week. that's 20 miles per week, times an average of 4 weeks per month, and i'm saving 80 miles a month. which is a 1/4 of my tank, equivalent to maybe $7 of gas. so it's like someone's paying me $7 a month to firm my buttocks and thighs! SCORE!!!

. i started taking japanese class with a private tutor out of sherman oaks. i had forgotten so much! and on the other hand i remember the most random words like "yoyaku" (reservation), "yopparai"(drunk), "yasumu" (vacation). i guess those are really important words. cuz how can you get drunk on your japanese vacation if you don't make reservations?! i'm quickly picking it up again, and i'm so stoked about it, it gives me so much joy because i end up reminiscing about japan and why i love it so much.

. yogging is fun. yogging with my sister is the best.

. i booked a music video dancing for ashley tisdale! ashley's so cute! got to work with nancy, justin, glenda, and jared too! and i saw a lot more friends and familiar faces on set, so it was so a great job!!! yay! we shot the video on wednesday, hope it turns out great. and i hope that ashley can use me for more work! i am soooo down!

. i met J.R. Rotem. ew.

. went to Les Deux for the first time in awhile, and for the first time without ibay. =o( but i went with magic and danz and chadwick so it was still fun. wilmer valderamma was there, but for some reason i didn't feel like throwing my panties at him like all the other females. hm, wonder why that is.

. harold and dana and hopefully muffin are coming up to LA on july 3rd, and we're all going to a show at the troubador. i think amanda's coming too yay! harold's FBE, ankore, is performing, and he is so ecstatic about it, which makes me excited too! it's going to be the best july 3rd!

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no. get a HAI flat iron :]