Chad's Babyshower

congrats to soon-to-be papa chadwick! i went to his babyshower in carson last weekend with ibay, abel, and lorraine. it was so much fun! my co-conspirator lorraine and i won 4 of the baby shower games, and each came up on starbucks and in-n-out gift cards. i freaking love babyshowers for the games and the prizes. YES!!! at this babyshower, the entire family room adjacent to the kitchen had been emptied of its furniture and replaced with tables and tables of food. an an entire room just for the food, half of it for hawaiian food, the other half filipino food. yummm.

the best part was that they took polaroids of everyone who attended the babyshower, and they instructed us that at some point during the party we should go to the scrapbooking table and design a page in the babyshower scrapbook. so while lorraine and i were hustling the babyshower games, ibay and abel took to the task of scrapbooking. i've never seen 2 grown ass men working on a scrapbook so intently.

look at the boys scrapbooking

the finished page! yay good job ibz!

yay for nevaeh kamalani respicio!

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Christank said...

i <3 baby showers (even though i don't win the games). and i <3<3<3 hawaiian and filipino food. the scrapbooking is such a cute idea!