DDL at Paladinos, 07/27/07

it was a hot and sweltering summer day in july, the kind where black asphalt fumes with steam and only a mountain spring in bora bora can possibly hydrate you. the southern california sun beat down on me as i sat wedged in a backseat between a keyboard and a cardoor, cigarette smoke and polluted air whipping through my hair, amy winehouse blasting. i made the trek down the 101 with kris and jason to the soundcheck for my first performance with DDL. my nerves were the only thing that kept me cool, i was shivering with subzero anxiety.

i was so worried...what if they can't hear me when i'm singing? what if i forget the words? what if i ruin the ddl songs?

but luckily, sound check went super well, yummy sharky's food, we packed paladinos to the brim with eager friends and family and fans. the guys started off the set really strongly. i had family, ibay, and my san diego loves by my side when i got my cue to hit the stage. and there i went.

nothing but auspicious signs led way to a most brilliant ddl roundhouse performance. IT WAS BRILLIANT! when i put my lips to that mic, all my fears dispelled. it felt amazing to be up there singing some dope music on stage for a crowd. it was like angels draped my shoulders with the warmth of the stage lights and told me i was home.

oh man. the highest of highs, insurmountable by any recreational drug.

thank you everyone who came out, especially my san diego troopers! you guys are the best! and thank you ddl for giving me a shot!


ddl roundhouse

me and ibay

me, zister, and adam('s apple)

family portrait at a bar

harold and freds!

me and jay

and then i totally got so wasted and threw up in harold's car.
and then i woke up not remembering anything.
and then we went to get harold's most awesome bike ever.
and then i slept all day and night, because sunday was my 12 hour vietnamese dance job.


ibay said...

impressive to say the least!! you killed it...ddl killed it!!

i think you guys should do a version of .....


Harold said...

"bleh. surry."