HGTV invades my room

I had this really fresh 80's woodpaneling over my walls forever. Actually it wasn't so cool but I didn't really mind it, except that I had the carpet taken out a couple years ago, and my room turned into a freaking lumber yard. wooden floors, wooden walls, it was just heinous. but being the cheap ass i am, i condoned it. and then one day i leave home for a week, and i come back to find my furniture in the living room, and my parents fully masked, tearing down the paneling and putting up dry wall. HOLY SHIT! Actually I wasn't that surprised because my mom and dad are mr. and mrs. home and garden, i swear they should have their own show. They spent several days installing the dry wall, sanding it, painting it, painting the ceiling, and adding the moulding...and wow my room looks awesome! I helped sand it down one night. and here is a picture of me working on the project, as proof that i actually know how to do that hgtv stuff. it was sooo dusty, i could barely breathe. anyway this is how i will look when my hair turns grey. ibay brought me a bouquet of tulips as a room warming gift! how sweet!!

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