Last friday, Ibay won a Wii on KIIS FM and it lives at my house! Yay! Wii is the best invention ever! I'm not one for video games, but I am all about this game system. I love the kinetics it requires to play. And it's something everyone can enjoy. My mom is addicted, and she plays against my dad all the time. They talk hella shit to each other while they play, too, it's funny. My mom can whoop your mom's ass in bowling anyday. The best part is that you look like an idiot when you play. It's not like other activities, where if you are skilled you look great, and if you aren't you look stu. Everyone looks ridiculous motioning around with the wand while they are playing wii. The even bester part is designing your own wii character. Like how fun is that?!! And the most bester part is WIINNING!!!!!!

Eebs is gonna get a chip for it i think, omg i can not wait to play more games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ibay said...

team wiinners!!! woo woo!!!

i need to get it chipped soon..so we can play a grip of games..and become even more addicted~!!!