Life is busy.

JOB // getting settled in. it's an new position, so i'm really trying to figure out how i fit into the picture. which first requires knowledge of the picture. i'm getting there.

BAND // wow i'm stressin. i'm still getting settled into the existing repertoire, so i have what seems like 430928475 songs to learn still. i get really tense about writing, since that's new to me too. and i am still training my ear to pick up different harmonies, to transpose my voice to another key in a quick second. none of that comes naturally. also working super hard on the marketing side of the band. which is a job in itself. we are hustling, we are on the come up. thank you to everyone who is supporting this band and our musical vision.

OTHER JOBS // working at another upcoming Adidas Originals event, a benefit gala. can't wait! soon to be working the guestlist at descarga, if i can get my schedule right. a dance job with janelle. she said something about dancing for a filipino idol girl, that sounds fun!

all i have to say is

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