please do not judge my decision making, or at least don't do it within earshot of me. because as fun loving as i am, i am a grown ass girl who is capable of making her own decisions, and who does not need your approval. and to be honest, i don't care what your opinion is, and i don't want your advice unless i ask for it. what bothers me is that while i don't care to know, you still proceed to give me your condescending opinion and your advice. thanks but i don't remember signing up for a guidance counselor.

yes i'm peeved.

you don't know where i've been and what i've experienced, and to mistake me for short-sighted and incompetent shows that you just really don't know much about me at all.

if you didn't know, now you do.
think twice before you underestimate me.
do your homework before you come to class and try to run your mouth.

you worry about yours and i'm gonna worry about mine.
and in the end i'm gonna prove you wrong all day everyday.