A Little Bit in a Box

Today I rode my bike to work. Which means that in 1 week of employment I have already tried 3 different methods of transportation to get to/from NPA. Driving is cool, cuz I can just leave 10 minutes before I have to be there. Walking is not so fun, it takes like 40 minutes, and there's a lot of construction detours which leaves me walking through gravel pits, broken sidewalk, and loud jack hammer noise. And then there's biking, the happy medium. provided the weather is right, the bike ride to work is 20 minutes of leisurely exercise, and I can park right in front of the entrance door!

YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TIRED OF!?!?!?!? The only problem with biking or walking is that I can't get as far as 2 blocks without be hollered at/honked at/whistled at/being called "baby girl", "chiquita" or some other named mixed in with those kissy noises. SERIOUSLY, WHY DO SOME MEN FEEL THE URGE TO HOLLER? What kind of reward or satisfaction do you gain from it? Is it some kind of involuntary animalistic mating call? Do you think that women enjoy it? It's really obnoxious, and creepy come to think of it. Like wow, it's a 2 mile bike ride one-way and I think I was hooted at about 8 times...old guys, teenagers, all ethnicities, pedestrians, skateboards, pick up trucks, moving vans. GEEEEEEZ!!!!


Harold said...

It could quite possibly be one of the following:

1) You are unaware of the woman walking her newborn daughter in a stroller directly behind you

2) There is a lady running behind you in a yellow dress with a fruit basket on top of her head

3) In every car that passes you there is a couple making out.


ibay said...

Please do not fall for the "i have candy" or "i have a puppy" trick OR..."i have a cupcake" and get into any vehicle!!!!!

Even though those may be all things that you <3 dont fall for them!!

This public service announcement was brought to you by...Nabisco


u hit it right on the button... it's very instinctual... if u were in the animal kingdom, the strongest roar from the potential mate would get your attention... these days the mates "roar" is more subtle...