Birthday Week


. Lunch with Sister . manda brought lunch for me at work, and we ate together. She also brought me some yummy cupcakes from Hot Cakes! Thank you sisterrrr.

. Dinner with Eric . was great! We went to Beechwood where I stubbed my toe really badly promptly on arrival. So awesome to have been sharing a birthday with someone for 13 years, love or hate or somewhere in between. We've been through so much together, I like being able to sit down at a nice dinner and talk about it all and laugh.

. Elevate with Casey . Casey and I rang in the 2-3 at Elevate in downtown. Minus the cheesy techno remixes that the dj was spinning, we had a great time prancing around the dance floor atop this building with a stunning view.

I think the bartender told us to say "Gimme a shot" when he took the picture.


. My mommy . delivered flowers to my work, so when I arrived, I had a dozen roses on my desk! Yayyyyy they made the office smell good. :)

. Primitivo Family Dinner . Best server always, he likes my family so he totally hooked us up with free dishes and sangria refills.

I gave my parents a birthday present, gift cards to Glen Ivy spa

Ibay got me the best cake! Red Velvet from Doughboys!

23 bitches!

Yes ma'am.

. Met up with DDL . at this spot called the Palmer Room to watch Rob (our superb drummer) play the last show with his other band J Man Junior. Between all the Sangria from Primitivo and the shots and stuff that the guys bought me at the Palmer Room, I definitely pounded down a bunch of alcohol, thank you DDL.


. super hangover . from the night before, and I went into work at 8am. NICE.

. the room . was the spot for Friday night festivities! thanks for coming out!


. the loml . took me out for my birthday! we went to dinner at this beautiful traditional Japanese restaurant called Kitayama in Newport Beach. After that we went to the Opera Pacific in Laguna Beach. some guy behind us got mad at me for having my blackberry out during the show. even though it was on silent, i guess the light bothered him. like WHATEVER it's a crackberry, don't you know i need it in my hand at all times. geez, some people just don't understand. haha. anyway the opera was cool. lots of FIGARO! FIGAROFIGAROFIGAROFIGARO lallallaalallalala! but after an hour i got restless and ibay fell asleepy, so we left at intermission. oopsie.

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