Showtime Week

Last week's "Showtime Week" is now complete. Mission accomplished!

[TUESDAY] DDL Roundhouse at Whisky-A-Go-Go
My 2nd big show with DDL Roundhouse. We had been rehearsing and preparing and promoting for this show for about a month. So when the day arrived, you can bet I was beyond nervous, on top of being exhausted from all the preparation and all the many recent changes in my life. I was incorporated into 4 more DDL existing songs, and we debuted 3 new songs. To add to the excitement, we were performing at none other that the Whisky-A-Go-Go, the legendary venue on Sunset Blvd. It was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because like EVERYONE has played there.

WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR. It's so hard figuring out what to wear, cuz I want to reflect my style without looking too tomboy, too pussycat doll, too britney spears, too erykah badu, too gwen stefani.

Anyway. Soundcheck was GREAT!!!!! The stage is super high off the ground, it feels like more like an arena stage than a lounge/nightclub stage. And the sound was amazing.

And the show? See for yourself:

[WEDNESDAY] Stevie Wonder at the Greek Theatre
AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Such an amazing concert. Double date status, mommy and daddy, ibay and i. Luckily we nabbed our seats the minute they went on sale, cuz it was completely sold out. The night before I had performed a Stevie Wonder tribute medley, and the next night I got to see THE MAN himself. What a treat. He's such a pure artist, and has such a pure spirit. The entire crowd was up and dancing most of the time, and singing along with him...and that's the best i think. Good energy from the audience, especially in LA! My favorite part was when he sang Ribbon in the Sky, with the unabridged introduction and he dragged the ending out, and remixed it. OOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Stevie is known to gab on and on, and this concert he didn't talk too much, didn't take a break, didn't leave the stage, just played for 2 hours straight. Good lord, he's a gem if i ever saw one. I feel so lucky that my lifetime overlaps with his.

[THURSDAY] Common at the Wiltern Theatre
Wrapped up the concert series with Common, aka the most handsome man alive show. I met up with Pat at Roscoe's for some pregame chowing down, and then headed out to the Wiltern. Oh Common, he is so fly in every way. On top of being superb at what he does, I loved all his outfits! He brought a girl up from the audience and sang The Light to her...SO JEALOUS. and they even danced and hugged! AAAHHHHH!!! and at one point his fly was open....your fly is open mcfly. i was not complaining! anyway what a dope show.

Thank you for a great Showtime Week!

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