Bits and Pieces Here and There

Here's a little hodge podge of my weekend...

Went to Sugar for Julie's birthday and saw a lot of the high school homies! So fun! Here's pics from Melissa's camera, I still gotta upload pics with the birthday girl from my camera.

Also had a secret celebration! Me and Ibay have been together for 2 months on the 19th. who even keeps track of that stuff nowadays? but either way it's a good excuse to party!

I woke up to find out that one of my dogs had passed away. I noticed her whimpering and her food untouched when I had come home from work on Friday night. I immediately told my parents, to which i learned that she hadn't eaten for a few days, and had even vomited a couple times. She has a twin brother, and so visibly you could see that she had shrunk down in size and was a lot weaker than her companion. My dad took her to the emergency room, and when I went out on Friday night, I was pretty sure she just had a cold and would be fine after some antibiotics. But no such luck. The doctors detected kidney failure that would require intense treatment over several weeks. And so they put her to sleep.


and it's like i know life is not permanent. honestly she was in so much pain, it's better for her. but it's just so hard on my other dog, clyde. while she was vulnerable and suffering, he protected her and took care of her. and all of a sudden she gets swooped up in the darkness and taken away and never returns to him. for awhile our little clyde has been running up to my dad with a puzzled and hopeful look. but now he just cries and howls. we're giving him as much attention and extra love as possible. i hope he will be ok.

I spent my Saturday hangover donning sunglasses at a UCSD alumni association meeting. i met with emily at Home in los feliz to plan a few of the events. it was funny cuz i hadn't met her before, so when i got to the restaurant i felt like i was on a blind date. she's so cute and funny, and we're cooking up some plans for the alumni association next year. should be a good time! and breakfast was great.

Then on my way home I stopped by the Seafood City on Vermont to snag a few copies of the LA Asian Journal, where DDL Roundhouse was featured in a lifestyle article. Our first press article! Pretty sick! We had a page article split across 2 pages, with pictures and everything. It's good exposure for us. Yay :)

The rest of the day was spent in Torrance at my nephew's 5th birthday party aka power ranger day. everyone was dressed up as a power ranger. and my cousin had to wear this prince charming costume, as was ordered by his wife Snow White. OMG hilarious, he hated it so much. hahahaha...my favorite part was watching my nephew noah smear chocolate all over his face as he tried to eat it. i dunno how much of it ended up INSIDE his mouth, but he definitely succeeded in sharing the chocolate with the floor, his face, and his clothes. what a cutie!!

After that I was so tired, and me and john just watched borat and fell asleep. at 11:15 pm! OMG WE ARE SUCH OLD FARTS!

I had to sort through a few of my boxes in the garage, and discard things i didn't want/need anymore. so those boxes were full of my old keepsakes throughout my childhood that had me cracking up & crying all at the same time. stuff i hadn't seen in YEARS.

MOST EMBARASSING ITEMS: 4 polo sport hand bags. omg i thought i was so cool. and why did i keep them for so long? BYE BYE!

FUNNIEST ITEMS: a handwritten/drawn valentine's card from Jason & Patrick to the "Xsyntrik Booty Squad" members. Complete with a vibrating booty drawing inside of a heart. back in high school my friend valerie and i were the "back up dancers" for DJ Syn & DJ Trik. We were gonna have uniforms and everything! i showed the valentines to Jason and he was so embarassed!

BIGGEST TEARJERKER: reading through cards and letters from my grandma. she was such an articulate writer, and i could almost hear her whisper the words to me as i read them. i miss her so much. i wish i could give her a big hug.

All in all it was a nice relaxing Sunday with mom, dad, and john. mom and i were going through the boxes while my dad and john put up dry wall in the garage. and then we went to lunch at hurry curry. YUMMMMMMMMMM!

My final weekend hours were spent at DDL rehearsal, and then falling asleep to Billie Holiday.

And that's that. Geez what a weekend.

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Amanda Lee said...

i was LOL so hard because you call him clyde as if it's his real name! ahaha