All I Want for Christmas Is

I don't think I've ever made a Christmas wish list. I always felt like my mom would smack me if I gave one to her, it almost feels rude. But in case Santa reads blogs in his spare time, here's a few things that I wouldn't mind finding in my Christmas stocking this year.

1. A Digital Voice Recorder
So I can record my singing lessons, and record melodies or rifts the very second they manifest in my brain...and then upload the files onto my computer. Just a simple one, like this Olympus VN-3100PC

2. Small Diamond Studs
They are so classic and timeless, and they look great with everything. It's a really good investment if you think about it. Something every girl should have.

3. A Black Leather Jacket
Maybe a black leather jacket that goes by the name of "Eames" from a certain leather jacket maker company. Yet another great investment. You can always use a black leather jacket. I so super want one!

See and that's it! Just 3 things. I am a simple girl with simple needs.

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