Holiday Vacation

Bon Voyage! My very gracious employers have bestowed 4 days of paid vacation on their devoted staff. And so I am pajama clad, writing to you from the buttery leather ripples of my living room couch, on which my rear end will reside for the duration of my time off. 2008 will be busy, so this hiatus is the perfect time to indulge in some of the most quality programs that television has to offer..

At the top of my list:
. Laker victories
. Keeping Up With the Kardashians
. Cribs
. The Girls Next Door
. I love the 80's/90's
. Forbes' Top (fill in the blank).
. E! True Hollywood Story
. Made

And when I am not fixated on the boob tube, I am hitting the treadmill. I'm trying to get a headstart on my new years resolution, which is the ever cliche, ever ephemeral resolve to "get in shape". My stomach, hips, and thighs have been generous enough to host all of the cupcakes I've eaten this year.... a generosity of which I am not very appreciative.


Christank said...

dyslexia, sorry. haha but it's been fixed. YES i saw the special...i totally cried. dfish has got to be one of the classiest athletes out there. and tatum is so cute! she's got one hell of a set of parents on her...lucky girl!

i can't wait for the game on sunday either!!! talk about old rivalries coming back to life (since it's been dead the last decade or so). exciting!!!

panda said...

(; you're awesome so therefore i love you