Pics from 11-28-07: DDL at The Gig

I got these pics from Lily's camera. Thank you Lily, you are awesome. Our last show of 2007. Our set started at 8:30pm, and we all arrived at 7pm to set up, and sound check. But first we ate at Melrose Wok, this spot across the street where they give fortune cookies that teach you Chinese phrases. Then back to The Gig, where we set up everything for our Organic show. The Organic show was more of an intimate set. The venue itself is a bit smaller than we're used to, the stage is lower to the ground, and it has this fun velvet curtain that covered up the stage and then rose up all theatrically when the set began. We played all of our songs with a more acoustic sound...acoustic guitar in place of an electric, less drums, Jay set his keys to a Grand Piano sound. Even us vocalists perched up on stools instead of jumping around on stage all the time.

It was a dope show to end the year. Not a huge crowd. But everyone who matters to us was there. Here's some more pics, enjoy!

Soundcheck before the show.

Nervous anyone?

Lily + Merchandise Table.

Let the show begin.

Jay, Kris, Mike.


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