The Potty Stance

Definition: A cross-legged standing position simulating the urgency to use the lavatory that females assume for various activities such as photo taking, or chatting in social circle

The question here is WHY. Why do we do this? I say we, because I too am guilty of this Potty Stance Syndrome (PSS). I find myself standing like this out of sheer laziness. Honestly it's more comfortable while still feminine, like you're leaning and perching at the same time. But while I see the function in it, I've always thought it was a bad habit, something I should try not to do.

But do other girls do this with the intention of being cute? I look at pictures alllll day at work and I see a lot of really well-dressed women, doing layouts for magazines...posing on red carpets...and they all have a bad case of PSS. I notice it more so among east coast socialites than out here in Hollywood. Although I'm sure it's just as bad out here too.

Excuse my ignorance, but is PSS a classic fashion pose? I just don't see it. It doesn't look natural, it doesn't create lines, it doesn't really slim the body out.

Somebody make it stop, or take these women to the bathroom.

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