We Run This Puck

My generous boss gave me 4 tickets to the LA Kings game on Saturday. My first hockey game ever!

We had really good seats, right up against the rink. I will confess that the cool temperature and constant swishy sound of the hockey sticks grazing the ice did lull me to sleep at times.

Also, I ordered a "turkey dip" sandwich, and i wasn't given anything to dip my sandwich in.

But you know what, I will not complain. Because I got to see a game go into overtime, and then a shoot out, and even into sudden death. And the Kings won! Alright! GO LAKERS!

Opening Ceremonies

Couple Picture

Steven, Jill, and LC

Ibay, Me, Casey, Dan

Go Kings!

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Christank said...

omg i loooove hockey games! but i LOVE the coldness and the swishing the skates make on the ice. plus i love the fighting. but i'm a DUCKS fan!!!

GO LAKERS!!! they won by 1 point for me on my bday :)