Reward If Found

Last summer, I was at an audition for a Disneyland job, where I presumably got cut for insufficient cheesiness. I am a super cheesy person, but I guess this job required a level of cheesiness found only in actual blocks of cheese. Anyway, on my way out, I bumped into a girl that I had worked with on another job. She had shown up for the audition late, and forgot to bring shoes for the dance segment. So being the sneaker freaking good samaritan that I am, I lent her my Chucks. I said call me, I'll pick them up from you later this week.

And I called....and I called...and I never saw my Chucks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU, WHOSE NAME I WILL NOT DISCLOSE! You're not nice! And now I have to buy new Chucks. And I absolutely hate the sight of brand new Chucks. Mine were broken in beautifully from dance shows, and rainy days, and last minute trips to Tijuana.


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panda said...

hahahaah i love you! you are cheesy.. but my cheesetoesT is still cheesier (: