9543 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

Culver City adds a new heavy-hitter to its burgeoning restaurant roster. Already a notable hot spot destination for LA foodies, it's no surprise that the new kid on the block, Akasha, is receiving a lot of attention in its infant stage. And for so many reasons.

Akasha, named for the visionary chef, Akasha Richmond, boasts a menu cleverly crafted from organic and local ingredients. On top of that, it seems that a very OCD eco-conscious mind was behind every last detail of the restaurant's design. From recycled building materials to organic cotton uniforms, Akasha is much greener than the muted hues of its interior.

I've kept a curious eye on this restaurant since construction began, and was delighted to hear that it opened up a few weeks ago. And so last week I declared an Akasha discovery day.

Here's my run-down:

BREAKFAST . I tried the vegan lemon scone, which was pretty good, but more noteworthy was my vanilla latte. That was delicious, and organic too. The employees are really chill too. The bakery opens at 7:30 so go here instead of Starbucks. Way cooler.

DINNER . Order the POMtini, I don't even need to tell you why POM is BOMB. I had the scallops with the edamame puree and forbidden rice, a really good dish. I also tried the steak. I'm not much of a steak person, so nothing stellar about that. BUT! The onion rings are super good here. Not your average onion ring. Really light batter, and seasoned to perfection with Himalayan sea salt. Nothing like some good ol' Himalayan sea salt right?!

On both occasions the service was exceptional. They hired a really good staff of struggling actors servers, who are really pleasant and also know their stuff.

The menu is really interesting, so I would definitely go back to try more of the dishes. But to me, this place is more so about the statement it makes. A savory statement at that. It takes the tree hugging mentality from the hippie to the hipster, acknowledging the current environmental issues of the present day, and underscoring the importance of changing with our ever-changing world. We don't have to don birkenstocks and burlap sacks to join the green movement.

That we can still have our cake and eat it too...as long as the cake is organic and served on a plate made from recycled products.

Akasha, for you...omg I KNOW RIGHT.

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