Father's Office

1018 Montana Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90403
21+ ONLY

Come to papa! This tiny spot on swanky Montana Ave in Santa Monica is a great place for the big kids to eat, drink, and be merry. People come here for 2 things: BEER and BURGERS. I headed to Father's Office just to try this so-called best burger in LA. So I was actually thrown off when I was carded at the door. I forgot that this is actually a bar with a fantastic bar menu, and not a restaurant with a fantastic bar.

Let's get down to it: THE BURGERS ARE PHENOMENAL! The Office Burger is composed of the finest ingredients making it a very atypical, borderline foo-foo LA burger. Arugula instead of iceberg letuce; gruyere and bleu cheeses instead of cheddar, American, or Swiss; dry aged beef instead of Grade D beef.

Definitely a must-try. Also try the Fries "A la Cart". They come in a cute little shopping cart, hence the A la Cart. HAHA. The rest of their food menu is tapas which all look amazing, and I am also a sucker for tapas.

But I will tell you. This burger is $12.95. This is about as sophisticated as it gets for burgers & beer. Father's Office is like renting a cabin in the woods and calling it "camping". As foofoo as it is, I do think it's worth it, and this is a burger I'd personally prefer...but if you're looking for some real deal greasy All-American style burgers go to Tommy's or Apple Pan.

Can I just boast really quickly that they're opening up another Father's Office location at Helms Bakery! HOLLA!!

Father knows best, I KNOW RIGHT!

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