Starbucks' New Do

Starbucks has got some new 'fits. Paying homage to their first 1971 store in Pike Place Market, they're introducing a tribute coffee roast fittingly called Pike Place. They've also changed their cup and sleeve to a more rustic brown and white motif. The throwback cup has got this double-tailed mermaid mama on it check it out.

Meh, who cares about all that. What I really care about is that little green monster peeking out of the lid. This is the brand new spillage-preventing doodad that Starbucks puts on their to-go cups. LOVES IT!!! Prior to this innovation, Starbucks put stickers over the lid, combining condensation from the steam + sticker adhesive to form a most unfavorable glue taste.
I used to silently curse the sticker method and wonder if I would contract a disease from it. But I no longer have to worry!!! So you pull out the stopper, and the bottom half is pointed sorta like the toothpicks they use for sandwich stakes. A mini sword if you will. The plastic sword stopper doodad has saved many days to come! Thank you plastic sword stopper doodad!


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sword stoppin, we sword sword stoppin! -danity bean, starbucks entertainment