You Have Good Taste

I like to think that there is no innovation without inspiration. Inspiration drawn from surroundings, emotions, and in this case...inspiration drawn from the past. Actually it's not that deep. I just think that some modern products have tastes/scents strongly reminiscent to products of my childhood. Either that, or my nose is extremely nostalgic.

Here are some fun examples that I've discovered over the years through my own use.

EXHIBIT A. MAC Lip Glass "Oh Baby" & Cocoa Puffs

EXHIBIT B. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush "Strawberry Fizz" & Cap'n Crunch Red Berries

EXHIBIT C. Airborne Original, Neutrogena Gentle Scrub, & Tang

Do you have any fun correlative product pairings?

1 comment:

panda said...

noo.. the neutrogena face scrub smells like orange tic-tacs to me. remember when those were the shit?! and we used to feel cool like we were taking pills like grown-ups do.