My First Marathon

Sunday, June 1, 2008
San Diego Rock n' Roll Marathon

Wow. Last weekend was a most satisfying blur to me. But luckily I've got some photographic proof of the feat I undertook and successfully accomplished. I ran a marathon with Team in Training for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

5 months of learning runners' culture, lengthy Sunday morning runs, muscle fatigue, bruised heels...fundraising, raising cancer awareness, experiencing the overwhelming charitability within my social circle...all culminated into one final test of

(Front) Had all the names of the people I ran in honor of:

(Back) Team Sam Bam to represent all of my gracious donors/members of Team Sam Bam

4 a.m. - Napping at the start line

I did wake up eventually, and got into my corral, and started the race...We were in corral 19, so 10 minutes had gone by by the time we crossed the starting line.

Mile 1-20: Were great! Cool morning breeze and the San Diego scenery. Local bands playing cheesy karaoke cover songs. Vibing off the zealous energy of the thousands of runners around me.

Mile 21-24: Hot and miserable. Because we maxed out at 20 miles during our training, every step forward was now a new personal record. As delirium penetrated my mind, running buddy and I pretended to be various animals. "We are deer! Prancing through the forest!...We are gazelles! Leaping across the meadows!"

Mile 25-26: WTFAREWETHEREYET!?!? Trying not to cry.

Last .2 Miles: F' this, let's go!! Hooting and hollering for myself to keep going! I saw my family and friends!!! AND THEN:

Double peace signing, I victoriously crossed the finish line!!! YAY!!! According to my timing chip, I completed the marathon in 6 hrs. 9 min. and 55 sec.

Here's a video from the finish line, courtesy of NBC San Diego. I come in at 6:21:25 on the official clock.

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bear said...

congratulations on finishing!