When the Lakers suffer a loss as immense as last night's, I am quick to turn off the TV and silence my phone, eluding any post game articles, interviews, and phone calls. With the whirlwind of rollercoaster emotions I've just experienced, I just can't deal with the invasive media scrutiny. Mornings after, I find myself seeking consolation in Christank's blog. Somehow I just know she's already written down every thought and feeling I felt about the game. This morning was no different from the rest, and so I give you her blog post because I couldnt' have said it better myself:

The right words came at the right time to me yesterday via Samie... Gotta keep believing. "The mark of a true fan is blind faith...we don't have the stats or the odds to back us up, but we stand by our team." (thanks Sam)

If you say you don't understand the severity of the heartbreak we feel as a Laker nation when games like last night happen...well, simply put, I don't give a shit. I don't expect anyone outside our realm to really get it, and truth be told, I don't want you to. If you have a team that you have belonged to and been a part of your entire life, then you can empathize with me...but if you're a bandwagon fan (whether it be bandwagon Laker fans, bandwagon Boston fans, or bandwagon fans of anybody else)...well, I don't know how else to say it but...fuck you. On the real though, I'd like to know where all these Boston fans have been the last two decades. Any one of you "Boston fans" wanna help me out with that one?

It's not over. So talk all the senseless shit that everybody else seems to be talking...because my faith has been even more ignited by the statistically impossible feat put in front of us. I believe in my Lakers...but if nothing else, at least I can say with pride that I've never faltered from believing...never turned my back on MY team to ride on the back of a different team when times aren't so good. It's not over until it's over.

For the time being, the ball is in our court. Let's make it happen.

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