Join the Human Race

This won't kill you, it will only make you stronger. So all you mochalattes put down your pilates cuz Kanye's got a new workout plan for 2008. Nike(Plus) has put together the largest one day running event, to take place on August 31. Dubbed "The Human Race", 25 cities spanning our mother earth with participate in a 10k run, with a musical prize at each and every finish line. Kanye West headlines the list of talent, performing at the Los Angeles finish line, the Coliseum. Some of the other artists include Moby in London, All-American Rejects in New York, and Kelly Rowland in Paris. After all is said and done, Nike will split a 3 million dollar donation across 3 different charities, The WWF, the global conservation organization, Lance Armstrong Foundation and UN refugee agency's ninemillion.org campaign.

Sign up before it's too late and start training. www.nikeplus.com


we wear things said...

oooh i got an email about this awhile back... austin's the closest city to me to run it... i ran a 1/2 marathon in january.. so 10k would be good to get back into..

by the way.. i tagged you :)

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