Falling Out of Summer

Is it just me, or are you ready for Fall? Call me a spoiled LA girl, but I'm kind of over the sunshine, the shorts, and the sandals. Today I wore a cardigan and a summer scarf and blasted the AC in my office just so I could feel like I needed to wear layers. I can't wait to put some tights and a coat back on!


Dove16 said...

we should switch places... it's freakin cold in the bay!! i'm over it! ps. I'm a fellow MADE supporter and future collaborater with the Ladies of MADE. You can check me here www.papalodown.com

Anonymous said...

ok you need to get your booty to frisco and then you will be GRATEFUL for shorts and tshirts and sandals! i'm so sick of wearing jeans and ten thousand layers in august :(

ro said...

Ugh, I am the same way. I feel like moving to Seattle during the fall. Although I appreciate the cool, cloudy mornings we've been having. (At least in downtown, where I am.)