MADE for Me

I took a brief hiatus promising I'd come back with news of some projects I'm working on. So I'm back to tell you that recently a friend of mine (thanks TK!) put me in touch with some extraordinary ladies who found my blog. Seeing my rather obvious interest in fashion, they asked me to come on board as a style contributor for their budding lifestyle blog.

Abigail Rivamonte & Debbie Sheen are attorneys by day, and jewelry designer entrepreneurs by night. Their boutique jewelry line MADE is less than a year old and already taking the west coast by storm. You can find their product in 13 boutiques from San Diego to the Bay Area, and will soon be featured at this months Pool Trade Show, as well as the first ever San Diego Fashion Week.

What impresses me the most about MADE is the message. Rivamonte & Sheen use their jewelry as a vehicle not only to make you look fly, but to truly be fly. They both embody and promote the multifaceted woman who puts on her game face at work, is sultry and edgy in the streets, and never compromises her personal flair.

So please take a look at their website & myspace, and of course add madewomen.blogspot.com to your blogroll and stay tuned for some great fashion, style, beauty, and lifestyle posts by yours truly!


Anonymous said...

We flyyyyy :) Thanks for the shoutout!

we wear things said...

ooh sounds seriously awesome i'll check it out!


Anonymous said...

i need to get on the jewelry train. i'm not big on accesories. especially jewelry.

P.A.T.T.Y said...

celebrity blogger