A New Page in the Notebook

I was home sick with a head cold over the weekend, and The Notebook was on ABC Family. So I sat with a cup of tea and a tissue box and watched it, and then I watched their MTV movie awards 2005 Best Kiss video clip on youtube. I don't even know them, but I was just so disappointed that they broke up. So I have to gush...I am so happy that Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling are back together! Yay!


panda said...

are they really?!? i love rachel mcadams, she's so hot. & he's pretty hot too. they're like normal-looking people who are just hot. not too insanely, out-of-this-world perfect looking.

Richel said...

haha! Me too! I love them together as a couple. For some reason it gives me hope that maybe a romance just like The Notebook can be real.

we wear things said...

wow i didn't know they were back together!! that is good celebrity news :)