Sophomore Fall 08

I absolutely fell in love with Sophomore's Spring 08 Look Book. While the spunky style inspirations like Jen Brill and Bijou Phillips frolicked around NYC in their edgy basic tanks and short shorts, Cass Bird captured a carefree candidness that made me long for summer vacations and no agenda beyond hoping for the sound of the ice cream truck. The raw easiness of the photos made style look like just another day at the park. So if you're like me, then you've also been waiting for the Fall look book like you've been waiting for your economic stimulus check. And if you're like me, your wish came true, you got your $600 and Fall brought more Jen Brill, once again photographed by Cass Bird. Here are some looks, more to be found at sophomorenyc.com

(Photo Credit: Cass Bird, Sophomore)


Richel said...

I love Jen Brill. These shots are amazing, and I can't wait to fill my closet with the sophomore label. I just found out it's in one store in san francisco!

we wear things said...

oh i love all of it! and i've added you to our blog list too! :)