Lakers 08-09 Opening Game

OMG it's been a busy week but finally I get to post some pics from the 2008-2009 Lake Show Opening Night. I wore a costume to the game, ditching my usual Laker regalia and posing as an indifferent spectator. The arena was packed and seated before tip off which NEVER happens in LA, it turned out to be a complete blowout, taco night, free tshirt, free magnet. And to TOP IT OFF! Yes folks I, SoSuperSam, bodyrolled my way onto the jumbotron and gave the Staples Center 15 seconds of my most esteemed 80's dance moves. Like KEWL! It's gonna be a good season!!!

Opening Night Tee

Me and my pops :)

Excuse me ladies, I can't see...

...oh there, that's better. HELLO LOVER!

and then there was this:



Christank said...

pretentious la fans in their seats before tip off?! it really is going to be a different year! :)


panda said...

ahahaha i can soo imagine you on the jumbotron doing that! hahahahahahaha you would!

P.A.T.T.Y said...

was this when dunked on pryzbilla...82 and 0! GO LAKERS!

issa said...

ooh how fun!! you and your dad are too kute!

geri said...

ahhh go lakers!! i cant believe everyone was in their seats on time!!

you look stunning!!