Oh it's on!

A Laker season of epic proportion is about to commence. And so we pick up right where we left off.

Ugh. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Let me make that 1,236 words with the following:

Last season, the Lakers had a shaky start, a helter-skelter roster, and in no way posed a threat to anyone save for the Clippers. And we know the end to that famous story, "The Underdog That Could". With no expectations set and surely nothing to lose, the Lakers showed enough heroics and resilience to get them through the fiery Western Conference hurdles, but not enough to get them to the promised land.

This season, the Lakers are stacked with a deep roster, but also stacked with a huge chip on their gold and purple shoulders. Having proven people wrong before, they now have to prove everyone right. Outside of the Celtics, the Lakers are favored by critics to win. But that means they are also right at the top of every other team's take down list. They must climb that mountain of expectations set for them; where once their smallest feats were deemed 'remarkable', now every success will be mildly applauded, and every small setback will have everyone let down and questioning their 'championship quality'.

They'll never let me down, but they do have me questioning:
_Can the Lakers stay physical healthy and stay mentally strong?
_How many free tacos can we look forward to this year?
_Could Trevor Ariza possibly be my favorito for 2 consecutive seasons?
_Will Phil Jackson ever grow his facial hair out again?


(Photo Credit: LA Times)

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