Seeing Things.


If you haven't noticed, I am a huge Laker fan. I will admit though that when I talk about the Lake show, a good portion of my analysis covers irrelevant and supercilious topics like "Who is hot?", "New facial hair/hair cuts", "Celebrity Sightings", "Team Uniform Design", or "OMG he looks like a (fill in the blank)".

So keeping true to form, during the preseason I keep doing double takes. Because two of our new Laker cats look realllllly familiar.

C.J. Giles.
Brandon Heath.

RYAIIIIGHT?!? Or maybe I'm just seeing things...


P.A.T.T.Y said...

still relevant LAKER cmmentary

Christank said...

HAHAHA YESSSS absolutely correct, samie! First time I saw CJ I thought the same thing! Hahahahaha!!!

danasgoodies said...

uncanny! time to post the asia-danes resemblance.


natalie said...

hahahah...they DO look alike