Tokyo Nonsense Photos

I wandered over to the Scion Space after work yesterday for an artful and cocktail-less happy hour. I had to see Tokyo Nonsense for myself, and it was great because I was the only there at the time, so I got to play with the staff and run around at my will!

This wall mural was done live at the opening party. So I kinda missed half of the artistic quality behind it.

I really liked this model of Hachiko crossing & central Shibuya all infested by perverse rats.

This piece is hilarious, sad, and down right dirty. Basically there is a cell phone hooked up to a large electroconducting contraption. The number for the cell phone is listed in an erotic ad for a local circular. So everytime some sort of creepy pervert dials the number for the ad, there's a large electric current that passes through and makes a loud buzzing noise. The staff said that that phone rings ALL DAY AND NIGHT! After opening night, some lady called back all the numbers, and yelled at each guy in Japanese. I think Chris Hansen is behind this somehow.

This was the highlight of my visit! A plastic tent both used as a canvas and as a recreation of a Japanese girl's room, also created live at the opening by artis Ai Madonna. Very reminiscent of Fafi, I loved her exhibit the most!

Cho kawaii to omoshiroii desu!
Take some time out to visit!

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