Well Hello #17!

I spy an almost-legal 7 footer with 2 working knees! Andrew Bynum's in the building, and I am sooooo excited! Last season, just as this young phenom's star was really beginning to shine, he oopsie! dislocated his knee cap and has been sitting out ever since. Then we get a shiny Valentine's package delivered from Spain via the Memphis Grizzlies (the most philanthropic team in the NBA), who kindly donated Pau Gasol to us in our time of grief. And the rest is history! Pau+Kobe led us an historic NBA Finals, a place we never thought we'd see again.

But wait! There is more history to be made! Because with Andrew Bynum back, I can't wait to see what kind of damage Kobe+Pau+Andrew can do all together. O M G, and for once, there is no pre-season drama, & everyone is healthy and in good spirits. I hope these auspicious signs lead to victoryyyyy!!

Thank you.

P.S. Andrew Bynum please accept my myspace friend request. I'm still pending!!!

(Photo Credit: LA Times)

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