Forever Gets Fancy

One of my girlfriends, Melissa, and I were talking leather jackets this afternoon. Her boyfriend bought her the Silence+Noise bomber jacket I have been raving about (yay for twinsies!). Anyway she informed me that Forever 21 has a leather jacket that costs even more than the one we have. I was shocked and apalled! I looked up the jacket online, and much to my dismay, it's true. $150.80 for a leather jacket from Forever 21. Wow. That's just wrong. I firmly believe that no single item from Forever 21 should cost more than $44.80.

Am I the only one surprised at this?!


MADEbossy said...

hm interesting. maybe they're experimenting to see how much they can get away with??

danasgoodies said...

agreed! I actually bought forever's faux-leather, (cheaper - only $40) last thurs the 9th and saw those $100-plus jackets hanging right beside it and was blown away!

Aparna said...

OMG.. i saw this jacket, as I am in search for an affordable leather jacket. Saw the price, and then promptly walked out of F21!!! i refuse to pay anything more than $20 there.. sigh.. my search continues.