Life as Pants

One of my favorito artistos James Jean painted the portrait of my mind as of today, November 6. Undisturbed, melodic, and tranquil.

For a good few months my life felt like an ill-fitted pair of pants. The ones you've had for years that used to feel great, but now you feel awkward in them because they squish you in certain places, are loose in other places, and you can't really breathe properly when you have them on. The ones that are so familiar you can't give up on them, but you just keep them on the hanger and avoid the sight of them until you've figured out what the problem is: is it you or is it the pants. Does your life not fit who you've become, or do you just not fit into your current life. Which is irregular, what needs altering?

After months of eluding the pants and denying that such a predicament exists, I realized that the only way to answer these questions is to pull on the pants and walk around in shameful discomfort everyday until you can assess what you need to adjust. And then...make adjustments.

Anyway...To hem up this metaphoric contemplation...after much indepth introspection and tailoring, I feel great in my restructured pants of life. The same pants, but they feel GOOOD again.

The end thank you! Lalala!


rich at self+made said...

hey thanks for checking out the blog. i haven't updated it in a minute but i hope i'll get some more pictures on there soon.

Thorobredren said...

The beauty of your Soul=Pure elegance

Aparna said...

well said.

leslie said...

i love how you think. and yay for feeling good again =)