Love as Lipgloss


I lost my favorite lip gloss (Victoria's Secret "Strawberry Fizz") awhile ago. Lip gloss is absolutely vital to a woman's existence, yet for some reason so difficult to hang on to. When I realized it was lost, I searched frantically, hoping I'd get it back again. And after awhile, I gave up, and sadly swallowed my loss. Everytime I passed a Victoria's Secret store I'd grab a few tubes and line up to pay, but somewhere in line I'd decide nah it's ok my lipgloss will turn up eventually and I'm not ready to dive right in and get a new batch.

And sure enough.......While packing in a flurry today, I found my lost lipgloss in my black quilted bag....months later, it turned up again when I least expected it. Naturally a triumphant exclamation and a celebratory jig ensued because what was lost is now found. Nothing beats the feeling you get when hope has been tested and is finally gratified. And this time I'll be more careful not to misplace it. Gloss on!

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issa said...

hmm.. i've never tried VS lipgloss.. but now i think i will!