Santa Can You Hear Me?

Saying you don't really want anything for Christmas...IS A BIG FAT LIE. Humans always want something, vampires do too. (I just read Twilight, so that last part was relevant in my mind.) The one distinction I suppose is that I don't mind not getting anything. But with the increased unemployment rate, I would hate to put Santa out of a job too. So Santa if you're trying to put in overtime to make ends meet, here is my official so super sam

iwouldn'tmindreceivingthesethingstowardsthelatterpartofdecember2008 list

. a Spa day, so I can feel like this for 8 hours

. Vera Wang Princess or Marc Jacobs Pear

. Serato, for an enhanced ficky ficky experience

. 13" Macbook Pro, so I can video chat my best evers in san diego

. Stila lip glaze in assorted flavors such as Vanilla and Glisten

. Hello Kitty figurines

. an itunes gift card for $339,108,928

. an Ikea malm full size bed frame

. tickets and fun companion to see Phantom of the Opera and Rent

. a Rag & Bone blazer

. a bottle of Elio Perrone “Bigaro” Brachetto/Moscato, Piedmont, Italy, 2007


. true love & world peace

Thank you.

1 comment:

issa said...

haha great wish list.. i hope you get most of the things you want, if not all!! especially the last two!