morning multitasking

AA oxford shirt, leggings. gojane sandals. 1% milk.

fidgeting with my loaner camera while eating my cereal this morning...and i snapped a few shots before i skipped out the door for work...What do you eat for breakfast?

TGIF time to play!!


Raez said...

delicious sandals:):)

i eat plain old fruitloops for breakfast myself!

First Lady of MADE said...

you're cured of outfitphotophobia! yippee! love the fit a lot.

breakfast is honey greek yogurt mixed with pumpkin spice granola cereal from trader joes. it's so yummmy you must try it! and of course french pressed coffee to get me going :)

M Paris said...

cute ensemble.

i usually skip breakfast because i wake up too late :(

Anonymous said...

1% milk 99% steez/dazzle

Anonymous said...

like omg...SEW CUTE