A Vanity (af)Fair to Remember

Finally made some time to check out the Vanity Fair Portrait exhibit at LACMA that I blogged about awhile ago. I was super amazed to find street parking, especially since they were filming 90210 across the street. We got to indulge in the historically rich collection of Vanity Fair Portraits, some even more than 80 years old. It's incredible how much relevance the publication has; everyone from Kate Winslet to G.B. Shaw and Albert Einstein has had their photos taken for Vanity Fair. Among the lot, I especially dug the photo of Douglas Fairbanks and Joan Crawford posted above, and this Madonna one. Capped off the excursion with dessert at Mani's, and a tete-a-tete about life, love, and the real housewives of orange county. Yay for a funday monday!

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geri said...

no!!! they did not do that to a poor model!!! hahaha that's tough. laughter aside at the pathetic model, was the event fun?