Favorite accessory of 2009: NEW MACBOOK 13" 2.4 GhZ / 250GB / 3,209,172 volts of cool

Soooo excite. I had been lusting over it for at least a century, ever since I could hear the clock ticking on ye olde iBook. And this weekend I took it as my 2nd valentine lover, my heart fluttering at the apple store. I just need Photoshop and Serato and about 7.4 million mp3's, and I can die a happy girl. yeeooowwwwwwwwww.

photo / itslasfactory


geri said...

wait, do you dj? i have a full set up with serrrrato! we should totally get down!

congratulations on the iboook, jealllzy to the maximum!

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

I can't wait until I grow out of this desktop into a mac lappy. Man! If I had Mac Photoshop, I'd run it to you. =(

And I love that picture of Laurel. I think it meshes well with your new setup.

V Pascual said...

welcome to the macbook club! i have the same accessory and it makes everything look good.

M Paris said...

i need to update my macbook, mine is vintage 2005