This is what I danced to while getting ready for work this morning.

The Super Fly soundtrack is no joke one of the greatest productions of music of allll time. EVER. Curtis Mayfield's groundbreaking, soulshaking, funkdified concept album of 1972. As timeless as a Chanel suit. If you don't know it directly, you've heard it sampled by everyone from kanye, beyonce, alicia keys, clipse, to jay-z. and then some.

I have this on mp3, but I nnnnneeeeded it on vinyl, so I picked it up last Sunday at the beat swap meet, which is an incredible event btw. It's like a time capsule that warps you back into an age where music hadn't yet met the mp3 format, and serato was a crate of records.

I'm your pusha man.

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Cas Ruffin said...

I have this poster in my room.