Yeezy in ze buildingzz.

The MySpace party at Area was banannnerz. Had to stand on a couch with Melissa to see the yeezy in all his yeeziness. Squishy couches + spiky heels = not such a good idea. Queen Latifah, The Dream, Fabolous, Lakers, Beat Freaks, Quest Crew, Christina Milian, and Christina Milian's weave were also on hand for party timezz. Gahhhh I still get starstruck every time I see Rino. She's a goddess.

outfit shizz. vintage blazer, thrifted belt, AA tank and skirt, Steve MaddenBooties, YSL clutch



geri said...

that blazer is phenom! i want!

Sindy said...

you are sooo gorgeous. and your cheekbones are amazing.

zoƫ said...

yeah so you look amazing as per usual .

& kanyeeeee .
tahah he makes me laugh .
oh but not to mention he exhudes coolness ; 4sho .


Caroline said...

yeah, kanye. no bigggg.


Anonymous said...

U look gorgezz! Your BLAZER is TD4! omgggg defs looking out for one over here !

First Lady of MADE said...

the blazer!!!!

issa said...

omg. JEALZ*

and you look fantastic as always.. i wish my bangs rocked as much as yours.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks, love.
Your jacket's killer! :]


Samantha said...

LUCKY. I would die if I saw Quest Crew. :P