Erin Wasson's Shorts

Wah wah wah, i haven't blogged in what feels like a decade, i've been in IT hell at work! was throwing convulsive fits from the technical difficulties. where is the help group for internet addicts, and where do i sign up.

anyway, remember i went to erin wasson's garage sale? i forgot that i did take couple of photos with the shorts i bought from there! These are from Opening Ceremony via Erin Wasson. These make me feel like i'm a 40 oz Mickey's in a paper bag, but they are none the less geeky and interesting and fun. I still find it so strangely surreal that a supermodel owned and wore this. I wonder if these were daisy dukes on her mile long legs. Also my torso is about 2 yards shorter than hers, so when i actually wore them out I folded the brim of the shorts inward so as not to dwarf my midsection. Annnnnd scene.

random glasses. AA tank. opening ceremony shorts. report signature shoes


ibay said...

spotted...you were once a boy..

now you are a girl

thank you for that


Christine said...

cute shorts. i like the 3's in the back too. haha

Anonymous said...

another if i were a girl moment. you girls are just too lucky!

hmmmmmm...I wonder... I think you've just inspired me.

Next prahjek: high waisted (fitted waist) cropped shorts for men.

PS, I love your J3s! How do you keep it so clean? Mine are all worn out.

panda said...

ahahahahahah that's precisely what you look like.. a 40 oz in a paper bag. i knew it looked something liie that but i couldn't find the words. that means you're gangster!