Green Is the New Black

There's a ton of little ways to be nice to mother earth without buying birkenstocks and moving into a tent in the woods.

How to turn your work environment into a paperless experience:

_ If your work does not already recycle, inquire.
_ Bring a coffee mug and a reusable water bottle from home, to avoid using paper cups.
_ Print only if necessary. Cut down on printing by PDF'ing needed documents and keeping the files handy on your computer desktop.
_ Use both sides of the paper! Save scraps for non important print jobs. Only print on new paper if you really have to.

Outside of that, I avoid plastic bags at the checkout line by bringing cloth bags to the grocery store, or by putting my purchases in my handbag (like really who needs a bag for gum and chapstick)...and any sort of second-hand shopping is also good for the earth. So if you love thrift, you're already on the green track. :)

What do you do to stay green?



issa said...

oh i've picked up a small collection of cloth bags to use while shopping! and i do the refilling water bottle thing..

and these photos? i want her blouses!!!

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Recycle like a maniac...and I do most of the list you have on there. =)

Raez said...

im with yah on that sistah. the other day i bought two bottles of sunscreen and i didnt even have a purse. i just sort of walked out wiht my two bottles and my receipt. LOL:)

Anonymous said...

i always stuff my goodies in my handbag! i mean, isn't that why us girls carry around such large sacks in the first place?! teehee!