My Review of The Circus Tour.

Britney's long awaited, highly anticipated comeback tour, THE CIRCUS!

+ Loved Perez Hilton's intro video. Brillllllliant and perfect for The Circus theme.
+ Bollywood remix of "Me Against the Music"
+ The music video montage was killer

- No big screen monitors for the people up top
- Britney not full out; not present
- Limited speaking
- Wimpy audience participation
- Lack of dynamics, pretty much the same droning Cirque du S&M song and dance for 2 hours. WE GET IT. YOU LIKE TO BODY ROLL.

It seemed like someone wanted to put on a Circus to distract from their poor individual performance. Maybe I look at her with an extra scrutinizing eye because I was a dancer and studied her every single move. But she was a wholehearted disappointment to me. I don't expect her to sing, but I do expect her to be a great performer & dancer. She is one of the few artists whose dance abilities equal that of her back up. But that night was a different Britney, the one who doesn't love what she does anymore, the one who barely spoke a word to the thousands of fans who have supported her through everything and dished out insane amounts of money with the hope of seeing their star rise again.

I wanted this tour to catapult her into the same career longevity as Janet Jackson & Madonna. Those breezies are damn near 50 and still have it together on stage. But Britney's blank face and her half-assed moves proved that she is a washed up, jaded has-been. Oh well whatev, wish you were there Britney! The concert was still hysterically fun! Not supporting you anymore biatch!

Alfredo x Sam x Bberry

My frantic pre-concert tweet


Loved Perez Hilton's intro!

Britney "singing" Everytime

Then I got sad.

...and wanted to reenact a certain scene from "Selena". "I want to talk to my mothhher."


Alicia/InstantVintage said...

your pout face is too cute.

it sucks that the concert was bad; at least part of it was entertaining.

Raez said...

youre gorgeous!

Tito Jong said...

Great review. I'm a big supporter of raw talent and Britney doesn't have it...a pure manufactured brand is what she has. I'm a dancer too and I feel u about her half-assness. She definitely lost her edge, which is understandable because bubble gum pop was ages ago!

My question though, did she really have to have 2 concerts in the LA vicinity? I mean, really.

Word up to Christina, Lady Gaga, Gwen Steffani, Janet, Mariah, and Tina Turner.

issa said...

AW how saddingz! i know so many ppl who were looking forward to the tour too..

Michelle said...

wahaha...my tweet is there! :P

*sigh* yeaaah, it was pretty sad. PCD was the highlight of the night.

That "Bollywood" remix isn't even new. It was a bonus track on the "In The Zone" album...

It was pretty much gay clubbing with an $80/cover charge. So...despite the cost, I still had fun!

fashionfoodculture-life said...

it's sad but not unexpected that Britney didn't perform up to your expectations and her previous dancing skills.

But maybe keep in mind that she's had 2 kids and a nervous breakdown in the past couple years. She probably won't ever be the same Britney she was before.