Spring Cleaning

Everyone I know is closet sweeping & spring cleaning. But this time we spiced up the process by skipping Wasteland, Buffalo, and Good Will...we took it straight to the yard...YARD SALE TIME! Kara had a flash of brilliance, and rounded up our passe clothing and crap for an all day crap sale fest. What could be better than spending a Saturday catching some rays with mimosas, magazines, & pals, witnessing your trash turn into someone else's treasure? Then we donated the rest to a charity yard sale that will benefit the AIDS Foundation. Thanks to our friends who stopped by :) I think we all caught yard sale fever, so look out for another one later this summerrrr.


geri said...

ahhh i wish i knew! i would have stopped by!

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Why was I not informed?! LOL. When is the next one?