Oh this old thing?

The outfit I wore to the MADE Jewelry party in San Diego. Debbie and Abigail are always a pleasure to see, DJ Beatnick and Mr. Mention concocted a headbanger soundtrack for that night's mini reunion, in addition to the mixtape they made for the new line. If you're still wondering what the hell MADE Jewelry is, I interviewed them and featured them on ClosetCouture.

ze outfit? it's all thrifted, even the blackberry. k not. but the rest is. thank you to all of the little jewish thrift shops for providing me with my wears. also wearing MADE Jewelry's "Issa" bracelet, named for the cutie over at wewearthings. hi issa!

I am heading to Vegas this weekend with about 100+ friends, I can't wait to relax by the pool, sippin on gin&juice...laaaaaid baaaaack with my mind on my money and my money on my mind. k bye.


SuzANNE said...

Nice shoes. I'm on the hunt for a mustard stacked heel. *sigh*

First Lady of MADE said...

vintage lola never looked this fly! killerrr legs sam bam!

issa said...

haha LOVES IT.